What was the backstage reaction when Brock Lesnar told management he will quit after WrestleMania?

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest names in WWE today. He had been pushed ever since his debut in 2002. However, despite being a top star, Lesnar was not happy with his first run with the company and told management he would quit after WrestleMania 20. Despite appearances suggesting that the company was unperturbed by his decision, there was panic backstage when he made his announcement.

Brock Lesnar stated in multiple interviews that he was not happy with the constant traveling and appearances in WWE. While he did enjoy being inside the ring, none of the other facets of the industry were appealing to him. An overwhelmed Lesnar decided to leave the company and later pursued a career in MMA before returning in 2012.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had reported in the March 22, 2004 Observer report that a panic had set in when Lesnar announced he would leave the company after his match against Goldberg WrestleMania. Lesnar was being pushed as the future of WWE, and his decision to leave would spoil the company’s plans.

“When Brock Lesnar told management at SmackDown on 3/19 in Atlantic City that he was quitting after WrestleMania, a panic set in, even though business has been on the upswing.”

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